Root: The Marauder Expansion

Created by Leder Games

Expand Root with rats, badgers, and a host of hirelings.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Addresses Locking on Jan 28th
4 days ago – Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 05:07:32 AM

Hi everyone!

Things are proceeding smoothly and we’re happy to say that we are seeing early signs of the Marauder suite products leaving the factory! To clarify, this only means that our containers are starting the process of being booked onto a boat for transit to their respective fulfillment centres and do not actually indicate actual passage yet.

If all continues to go smoothly, we expect containers to be on boats by the end of the month and crossing our fingers that fulfillment can be starting as early as March for all regions. We’ll provide a fuller fulfillment related Kickstarter update, broken down by region, once we get confirmations and ETDs on arrival dates.

For now, these early good signs mean that we will need to lock addresses soon so we can provide our exported reports to fulfillers. Therefore, addresses will be locking on Friday January 28th. A 48-hour final notice email reminder will be sent on Wednesday January 26th.

How do I update my address?

If you need to update your address, you can do so on your Backerkit account which can be accessed using your email address here.

Updating your address after the lockdown on the 28th will require you to email us at for assistance.

I’m moving, what address should I use?

Right now, we are recommending that you use addresses valid between the months of March and April 2022 for all regions. If you are in the midst of moving during this time, we recommend using your newer address or, if possible, to use a friend or family member’s address, just in case.

Retail Backers

Please refrain from using our support email for any support or assistance. Clay, our sales manager, is dedicated to assisting retailers and may be reached at for any questions regarding your retail pledge.

Questions or other Support Help?

Please email us at for any questions or assistance. Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system to contact us.

If you need to access your survey, you can retrieve your information using your email address here.

MPCs Arrive, Upcoming Design Stream, and PaxU
about 2 months ago – Thu, Dec 09, 2021 at 02:20:27 AM

Hello everyone,

A couple days ago we received our MPCs for Root: the Marauder Expansion. They look gorgeous!

This is a very exciting step. For folks new to the process, here's how it works. After the factory has approved all of the print files for a game, they use their workshop to assemble a PPC or "Pre-Production Copy." We got the PPC for these games a few months ago, and any pictures we've shared have been of those hand-made copies. After we approve a PPC, the game enters production. For a project of this scale, production takes several months to complete. 

Once the game is ready for assembly, the factory will set aside a single copy of the game and send it to us. This is called an MPC or "Mass Production Copy" (sometimes called a "Manufacturer's Proof Copy" or a variation of that). They send the copy to the studio so that we can finalize any assembly instructions, inspect the internal packaging, and perform one last check through every component. Once that is approved, the games will be assembled, which can sometimes take a month or more. After that, the games get their booking and start the long journey across the oceans to our fulfillment centers. 

I'm happy to report that the production was excellent. We didn't require any alterations and assembly is currently underway. Once the games are packaged, we'll begin the process of getting these games to fulfillment centers. 

As we've mentioned previously, the global logistics crunch of 2021 has certainly impacted our timeline for this project. Right now there are a number of scenarios with delivery dates ranging from late Q1 to mid Q2. We won't have more specific guesses for at least another month. Our operations team has gotten quite adept at navigating these tricky logistical waters, and we're doing everything we can to get this game to you as quickly as possible.

Designer Chat

As it is the first Tuesday of December, Patrick and I will be sitting down and doing our designer chat at 2pm (CST) over on the Leder Games Twitch channel. If you can't make it, don't worry! The chat will be archived on Twitch for 14 days, and you can look for the video on our YouTube channel in the next week or so.

We'll be mostly taking everyone through the MPC and talking a bit about the projects we're working on. If you have any questions about Root, the studio, or what we're working on, feel free to come and ask! 

Pax Unplugged!

After taking bit of a hiatus from game conventions, Leder Games is returning to Philadelphia for PAX Unplugged this weekend! You can find us at Booth 2901. 

This year we won't be offering demos and instead the operations team is running a smaller version of our usual booth. The creative team will be staying at home so we can finish some big projects for next year, but we'll see you all next year. Regardless, if you're at the show please come by and say hi!

Support and Winter Break

As always, send any questions you have to, and we'll respond as soon as we can. Please refrain from reaching out to us through the Kickstarter messaging system as our support email is much more frequently monitored for assistance. 

Finally, I want to add that the studio will be shutting down between December 23rd and January 1st this year.  We'll all be spending time with our family and friends and getting some much needed rest before the start of a very busy 2022. If you send messages to us during this time, know that we will not be responding until the studio reopens.

Chargedate Reminder & UK VAT (UK Backers, Please Read)
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 05:39:10 AM

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been wrapping up some last shipping details for our UK backers that we will outline here. Please read below on our imminent charge date and our update for our UK backers:

Charge Date

On Monday November 15, 2021, we will be locking all surveys on Backerkit and charging cards on file for add-ons and shipping costs. After this date, you will no longer be able to add or remove items from your pledge without emailing us directly for manual assistance.

Please note that if you already paid for your pledge during the Kickstarter campaign, Backerkit will still need to charge you for your associated shipping costs. Shipping costs will be reflected in your Backerkit account page.

Address Lock Down

At this time, we will not be locking addresses until we are closer to our fulfillment date so you will still be able to freely update and change your addresses on file up until then. We will communicate the planned address lock down date once we are closer to that point and can provide a more solidified timeline once we have one from the factory so you can all plan accordingly. A Kickstarter update will be posted at least two weeks ahead to communicate the lockdown date, and you will receive a 48-hour automatic notice from Backerkit.

UK Backers

After getting ahold of multiple tax agencies and individual agents who could help us navigate the question of shipping in the UK, we have finally reached a solution and answer for our UK backers. Thank you so much to everyone for your patience.

After receiving as much professional advice as possible and spending the past few months researching all potential shipping solutions to the UK to make shipping as friendly as possible, it has been made clear to us that collecting a 25% VAT fee will be unavoidable for our UK deliveries.

We understand that an additional 25% on top of your pledges is an enormous cost and might cause disappointment for some of you. You’ve all been patient enough to await further details on our UK shipping situation and we would absolutely hate to ruin any of your existing excitement for our next entry of Root. So, to recognize and thank you all for helping contribute to making our Root Marauder campaign be our most funded campaign ever, we have decided to absorb your shipping costs further to soften the cost of added VAT to your orders.

As of today, you will see a new shipping cost reflected in your Backerkit accounts. Instead of a base of $25 USD to ship to the UK, we will be lowering that base cost to $15 USD, absorbing the difference ourselves. Your Backerkit accounts will also reflect the added 25% of VAT to your orders as well so you know exactly what the total costs are with shipping and VAT with your orders before entering your payment information, if you haven’t already.

We hope that you’ll find this solution favourable, however, if any of you would like to cancel your order we are offering full refunds. To do so, please fill out the following form and we will do our best to process requests within our 3-5 business day response window. 

UK Backer Refund and Cancellation Request Form

Thanks again to everyone for your patience.

Questions or other Support Help?

Please email us at for any questions or assistance. Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system to contact us.

If you need to access your survey, you can retrieve your information using your email address here.

Pre-Production Copies Arrive and New Card Charge Date
5 months ago – Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 02:31:43 PM

Hello everyone,

Last week we received the pre-production copies for all of the new Root expansions. Since then, we've been playing the game in studio and conducting a final review. 

Basically everything is in great shape. We've made some small cosmetic adjustments here and there but it's nothing any more or less dramatic than other final reviews. Full production will begin shortly. It's too early to have an estimated schedule for fulfillment, but rest assured that everything is moving along. Once production nears completion we'll update you all with a more precise fulfillment timeline. 

We also have approved the final sample of our new plushie, Margot! 

If you'd like to see more of the PPC, we'll be featuring it on our September 7th designer chat with Nick and Patrick on our Twitch channel. 

New Card Charge Date

As we're still learning about the new tax changes as they apply to the UK, we feel it's appropriate to move our card charge date to November 15th, 2021 instead. We're still doing our best to obtain the best and most accurate information on shipping to the UK to avoid any sudden surprises or fees, and are evaluating a number of options to best provide delivery to the UK. Thanks for everyone's patience and we hope to provide further clarification to our UK backers before the new card charge and order lockdown date.

Please note that the card charge date is for when shipping fees, cost of additional add-ons, and late backer orders will be captured for payment.

Questions or other Support Help?

Please email us at for any questions or assistance. Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system to contact us.

If you need to access your survey, you can retrieve your information using your email address here.

Root Marauder Enters Prepress and Studio Livestream Today
7 months ago – Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 04:24:07 AM

Hello everyone,

Today I'm happy to report that all of the files for Root: the Marauder Expansion have been submitted to our factory for review. This stage of the process (called prepress) usually takes a few weeks to complete. Basically, before the factory begins mass production, they need to do a careful review of each print file to make sure it won't cause problems down the line. During this stage, we also finalize the color and shape of all of the other components as well.

I am so proud of the team for getting this massive set of new material across the finish line. One of the trickiest things about working on Root is that every new idea needs to harmonize with everything else. That means each new expansion is exponentially more difficult to design, develop, and produce. Between two new factions, thirteen hirelings, four bots, a new setup draft system, and a set of landmarks, the development and production of this expansion has been a huge undertaking. 

That said, there's still plenty of work remaining. In the coming weeks, the factory will begin to assemble preproduction copies of all of the new materials. Once we get those, we'll be sure to share lots of pictures with you all (and maybe a studio livestream). If everything looks good with those copies, mass production will begin in earnest and we'll be able to update our timeline and give you all a better sense of when you'll be getting your physical copies. 

Second, Nick and I will be doing a livestream today in the studio at 2pm CDT. If you have any questions about the development of this expansion, the upcoming Fort: Cats and Dogs expansion, or just want to ask us questions about the studio generally, feel free to stop by! We'll be hosting the livestream on our Twitch channel here.

Finally, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email and we'll see how we can help.